About Us


Matū is a different take on
what a steak restaurant can be.

Our intent is to reconnect people to
the joy and benefit of eating great beef.

Great in all respects: taste, health,
sustainability and humane treatment.

Matū was inspired by the best-tasting beef we’ve ever had. 100% grass-fed Wagyu produced by First Light Farms of New Zealand. The Wagyu cattle are fed only grass - no grain - and this combination of genetics and diet yields exceptionally high levels of heart-healthy Omega 3’s, lower saturated fats and higher nutrient and antioxidant density.

The short story of Matū (the more detailed story is here) is we set out to create a new dining experience that celebrates the richness and the wholesomeness of this exceptional beef. Matū is a Māori (Indigenous New Zealand) word that means “essence, the gist of the matter, richness” and is pronounced ‘mah-too’ (equal emphasis on both syllables and an elongated “u” at the end).

In a nod to Wagyu’s Japanese lineage, Matū offers a series of composed dinners that could be considered steak Omakase, with menus that showcase various cuts of beef in a variety of preparation methods.

While many guests choose one of our Wagyu Steak Dinners, many guests also simply order from our la carte menu.